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Advertising Contract

Alan Hague, editor    (317) 759-4825


Business Name

________________________________Contact _________________


_________________________________________ Zipcode________


________________________________email ___________________


Publication frequency: bi-weekly (26 times per year)


Term of contract:    6 issues     other- ___ issues (specify number of bi-weekly issues)

Run ad in next issue?  Yes    No, hold until _______issue. 

Camera-ready*  Yes      No____  If no, $____ ad layout fee applies

*a file or ad design that is ready to be inserted in the Gazette layout without changes

  Advertising Deadline Information available on “” website.

  If you renew your contract at (or before) expiration, the contract continues with these same rates.

  Ad runs of 6 months or more may qualify for additional discounts.

  Payment is due in advance for single issues, multi-issue contracts can be invoiced.  Monthly billing is available with extra $3 per month charge.

  Back page placement is subject to availability.  Standard sizes are shown below, inquire about custom sizes. 



Ad size  (W x H)

All ads are full-color

6 issue advertising discount rate

contract costs

Single issue ad cost

Per issue cost:

Total cost:

Per issue cost:

 Full page (10” x 15.5”)




 Half page (10” x 7.75”)




 Quarter page (5” x 7.75”)




 Eighth page (5” x 4”)




 Business card (3” x 2”)




 Map page ad (2” x 1.5”)




back page/page 2 placement (as space permits)

Ask for quote



                                                                                                                                           Rates are subject to change without notice                     


Total cost _________    cost per issue ___________


We hereby agree to the above terms of contract:






Gazette Ad seller




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               Indianapolis, IN  46205